At Falvey Shippers, We Change The Way Businesses Insure

Falvey Shippers Insurance (FSI) provides customers with fast, easy and reliable All-Risk Shipper’s Interest Insurance through strategic partnerships with freight intermediaries. We know that when incidents occur, full-value shipping insurance isn’t optional, it’s essential.

With the most advanced technology in the industry, we provide streamlined solutions for the purchase of parcel or freight insurance on a transactional basis. Our fully developed API seamlessly integrates with all types of shipping software allowing customers to quote and bind insurance during the booking process with just a click.

With the broadest policy form available, FSI offers the supplementary protection needed to guarantee coverage in the event of damage or loss, no matter when, where or why it occurs – and at some of the lowest rates in the market.

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The integrated API platform is fully automated, from “binding” coverage, to invoicing, to claims handling (and payment). Our solution is built for high volume customers and is easily scalable.

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Online Client Portal

Insure any shipment through a simple online form or batch upload with our secure client portal. Functionality also includes certificate, claims, and invoice management along with extensive reporting such as loss history.

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Claims Handling

Our systems are designed to handle large volumes of claims accurately and efficiently. Plus, our model alleviates all responsibility and overhead from our partners – we do it all!

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