Speed & Responsiveness

Speedy & Responsive Service

Whether it’s to quote, bind, or respond to a claim—you can rest assured that Falvey Insurance Group
has the best-in- class infrastructure, expertise, and dedication to address even your most complicated
marine insurance needs at a moment’s notice. At Falvey, we are serving the world in motion. As such,
we understand the value of fast action and responsiveness when it comes to our brokers and clients’
insurance needs. We pride ourselves in being accessible when you need us most.

Integrity & Service Above All

Best-in- Class Coverage for Your Niche Insurance Needs

Our value starts with the strength of our form, but we believe that your premium should provide more than just great coverage. With Falvey Insurance Group, you receive a breadth of additional value-added services at no additional cost. We have spent decades developing a reputation in the industry for being committed to going the extra mile for our clients and broker partners, providing solutions that put your needs first and exceed expectations.

Versatility and Value

Proactive Approach to Insurance

When seconds count, you want to know that your insurer is available and ready to handle an incident, that they have the infrastructure in place to respond at a moment’s notice, and that they have the expertise to quickly and effectively mitigate any additional damage. More importantly, you want a partner who will not only be ready and able to help in the worst case scenario, but proactive in preventing incidents in the first place. Falvey Insurance Group has the industry’s leading infrastructure and knowledge at your disposal to ensure you are protected before you ever file a claim.

Local Presence on a Global Scale

Local Presence on a Global Scale

Falvey Insurance Group has six offices across North America, and one office opening in London in August 2017, to service our global programs, and provide local policy issuance in over 160 countries. Global coverage with a local touch is just one way we provide solutions for our clients and broker partners that make a difference.

Our locations include:

  • North Kingstown, RI (Headquarters);
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Ramon, CA
  • Long Island, NY
  • Toronto, Canada
  • London, UK (August 2017)
Claims Excellence

Claims Excellence

Falvey Insurance Group is committed to going above and beyond expectations in terms of timely and responsive claims settlement. We understand that experiencing a claim if often times disruptive to our clients’ supply chain. We focus on the claim so our clients can focus on running their business. Contrary to the rest of the industry, where you might be tangled up in claim bureaucracy, for months or even years, Falvey settles 75% of our claims within 60 days of reporting to us. There are no hidden clauses buried in fine print, no runaround, and no question that you’re going to receive the best possible service and satisfaction should you ever need to file a claim.

Relationships, Not Transactions

Relationships, Not Transactions

Our focus on relationships is core to the value that we offer, and we believe that investing time and resources to build those relationships is how we distinguish ourselves from the competition. Our goal is to act as a trusted advisor to our clients and partners, not just a transactional provider. By taking a personal approach to every interaction we have with a customer or broker, we are building a long term partnership—and to us, that’s the measure of success.